About Us


Over the past 10+ years of creating beautiful wedding days for our clients, we have created a style of floral design that is very distinctive and unique. We have designed weddings all across the US from California, Hawaii, Florida, South Carolina and of course GA. Our goal, as we have grown in our craft. has been to work with seasonal blooms and palettes, all while stretching our design layouts and combinations to create uniquely beautiful events that reflect our clients story. Our experience has built such a high value for quality and construction that allows the florals to show their best for your best days!


We love where we have grown up and where we have lived and how these places have defined our design aesthetic. We find that the same is true for our clients and their stories, so we have created a unique vision that brings all of it together. Our southern roots have given us a strong value for hospitality and the guest experience. Creating a welcoming moment is so crucial for our design. We also lived in both Southern California and Hawaii for several years. These places defined our design eye more than we can explain. The west coast landscape gives us a high value for space in our designs as well as a love for unique and creative foliage options.

Nature is our biggest inspiration. We are inspired by both the flow of a natural landscape as well as a tailored garden that creates space for each variety to be seen and appreciated.


When designing our floral pieces, what we don't use is just as important as what we choose to work with. Every design requires a unique recipe and we choose to create an individualized approach to every client's event and wedding. Seasonality is very important to us in both the type of product we select and also where we buy our product. Working with local farmers in the growing season is a high priority for us.
Our high value for a natural approach in our work also leads us to use mechanics that are both healthy and sustainable as much as possible. With every project, we promise to serve our clients with excellence, in both design and execution, by creating with heart and with passion.


89th and Autumn is an Atlanta based floral design studio created by twin sisters , Michaela and Jessica Namynanik.
We¬† are inspired by the beauty of what brings people together and how flowers mark all of life’s most important days .

From a simple bouquet of hydrangeas on a coffee table to the most elaborate installation for one of our beautiful weddings, florals create a sense of arrival and intentionality. That is what we love!

We hope to be apart of designing something beautiful for you & those you love most. 

-Michaela & Jessica 

west coast Aesthetic with a little southern charm