Behind the Design: Inspired by Growing Arrangements

Behind the design of a beautiful Organic Modern style wedding day. For this day, we took our inspiration straight from nature. Flowers are organic in nature of course, but it is so much fun when our designs can reflect nature in a more authentic way. The ceremony was adorned with what we have termed as “Growing Arrangements”.

In this very industrial space at Upstairs Atlanta venue, we knew that we could play with high contrast from many angles. The contrast of the concrete floors with these beautiful flows of organic, pond florals made a great impact, As well as the contrast of the rich greens against the white walls and cool toned floors. We softened the edges of the straight lines in the ceiling with draping green foliage. Using both smilax and a mix of fern, it furthered the narrative of an overgrown space. The natural elements coming from both the ceiling as well as the floor enveloped the couple and their guests with a sense of calm and reverence for this special moment.

This space transitioned to dinner and guests dined under the draping foliage at tables that embraced a minimal aesthetic. Our goal with the tablescapes was to create a natural positioning of the arrangements and the candles, that would give both breath and negative space, but also create intentional moments to guide your eye through the space.

One last thing to mention was the pop of red on the tables. We wanted to maintain a green and white centralized palette, but also our desire was to bring something unexpected to the mix to challenge the idea of “minimal”. When our client Grace, mentioned that she was being drawn to red as a color addition, I knew we could pull it off in a chic way without an overwhelming contrast. We chose to create small red bud vases with red anemone and red foliage. The red foliage was the bridge that we needed, as it had both red and green and softened the lines. The anemone was a true red and it paired with the black centered anemone was the perfect fit. 

Overall this design came together with such intentionality and beauty. A perfect balance of organic natural florals in a clean and modern space.

Planning and Design: Emily Aikten Events / @emilyaitkenevents

Photography: Helaine / @hellohelaine

Venue: Upstairs Atlanta / @upstairsatlanta

Florals: us* / @89thandautumn



89th & Autumn