Making the Most of your Florals: Venue edition

Here’s the thing: Every wedding day is different. Every couple has a unique priority list and budget. One thing I think every wedding day has in common is the desire to make thoughtful choices and impact with any part. When it comes to the florals, It is can be the most impactful portion of the day and that goes for any budget or size of wedding day. So how do you “make the most” of your wedding florals?

Our number one consideration when diving into design is the venue. Of course we consider the couples chosen aesthetic vision, but I find that the venue often dictates this to begin with. Here are our 4 top tips for making the flowers have the most impact at whatever venue you end up working with!



Number 1: The Light– Especially when designing the ceremony arch or any other large installation, considering what the sun will be doing and how harsh it will be on the floral install is crucial. your beautiful full floral arbor will be totally different if it is backlit by the sun or in a dark corner of the venue.

Number 2: Consider the architecture or natural surroundings in the ceremony arbor plan. When we were designing this mountaintop arbor- we did not want to compete with the stunning existing views, so we intentionally kept our floral install low and in line with the mountain range behind. In our terrace install featured above, we made sure to consider the architecture of the beautiful building and mimicked the arches that frame the windows. We also considered the floor tiles in the space and how our color palette would compliment the existing colors.

Number 3: Make intentional decisions about the vibe you are looking to create and how to best use the venue to communicate to your guests. For example- if you want your guests to have a fun party experience where drinks and dancing take a center stage, concentrate your florals in front of the band/DJ and make your bar a showstopper!! If your goal for the evening is to have a family style meal with food as a main feature, work your florals into the mix in unique ways. Using the venue’s strengths when laying out your floral plan is crucial here. Hanging installs in the space would leave room for passed plates on the tables or some large floral pieces that are tall then branch out would also work great!

Number 4: Blend your surroundings into your florals. What I mean is that we want our designs to effortlessly fit the space they are in. Is your venue a more modern structure? choose vessels that fit the vibe. Are you getting married in a vineyard? Embrace a more relaxed aesthetic in the florals to fit the natural environment. We are all about the contrast too, but look for ways that your florals can work with the existing venue. In our design plan for this minimal green and white wedding, it worked so well because of the venue’s white palette. the green popped and gave so much impact. The venue allowed for us to leave negative space with it feeling intentional and not sparse or lacking. This aesthetic would have been lost in a more rustic or ornamental space.

Number 5: Make the most of your florals and floral budget by working with a florist who understands how the pieces come together. Lighting, venue aesthetic, guest experience and more are crucial to be considered in a floral plan. your day is made up of little decisions and our goal is to help you create the most beautiful and “you” day.

Hope this helps you navigate the decisions and gives a little insight into working with us at 89th and Autumn. We love wedding days and love to make the most of your beautiful florals as we design for you!

89th & Autumn